Cat Skiing is a great way to experience the best runs of the Tukino Ski Field. Suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers, you get a semi-guided experience, and runs taking in the full 340m vertical descent down the field. 

We transport you in our snowcat from the top of our Aorangi Tow up to the very top of the Tukino Skifield.

After a short break where you can gaze down across the Tukino Skifield to the Rangipo Desert and over to the Kaimanawa Ranges or up to the summit of Mt Ruapehu, we split you up into small groups depending on your skiing ability and then our Tukino Ski Patrollers will guide you down some of the best runs on the Tukino Skifield.

For the more adventuresome skiers and boarders you may have the opportunity of skiing "Terry's Terror" our most popular Double Black run at Tukino.

For the less venturesome of you, we will guide you down one of our often untracked ridges or valleys back to "The Wall" (one of our popular Black Runs) or back down "The Gut" to the Whangaehu Tow.

Or you can ski back down to the bottom of the Aorangi Tow where you can continue your day's activities at Tukino or maybe go back up for another Cat Ski down another one of our magical paths that traverse the Tukino Skifield.

What you get:

  • 300 vertical metres per run of untracked sun-facing open bowls and ridges.

  • An amazing semi-escorted skiing and riding day you will always remember.

  • Runs for intermediate to advanced skiers and boarders.

  • Check out our Cat Skiing promotional video.

What does it cost?

Single Trip Ticket (Members) - $35.00

Single Trip Ticket (Non-Members) - $40.00

5 Trip Ticket (Members) - $157.50

5 Trip Ticket Ticket (Non-Members) - $180.00 

You must also have a valid Lift Pass for the day. 

5 Trip Tickets are fully transferable between people (multiple people can use the one 5 Trip Ticket) and Tickets can be used on any day that we have Cat Skiing operating at Tukino. Tickets are transferable over to future ski seasons. So why not purchase a Cat Skiing 5 Trip Ticket and share it with your friends?


Do I need to book for Cat Skiing?

No, you do not need to book for Cat Skiing, but you do need to check our Daily Skifield Report to see if Cat Skiing is operating on that day. Because Cat Skiing is very weather and snow dependent, we reserve the right to discontinue Cat Skiing at any time should we have any safety concerns about the weather or snowpack.

Refund Policy for Cat Skiing Passes.

As Cat Skiing Passes are fully transferable between persons and dates (even over to the next ski season), refunds will not normally be given for unused Cat Skiing Passes.

No Cash or EFTPOS/VISA refunds will be given for unused Cat Skiing Passes from the Tukino Ticket Office.

All requests for refunds of unused Cat Skiing Passes are to be made in writing (along with returning the unused passes) to:


Tukino Mountain Clubs Association Inc.

P O Box 1945

Taupo 3351