2017-05-091Tukino2017-05-0932017-7-16:54:001Sunny--1ClosedThe Tukino Access Road is CLOSED until the start of the 2017 ski season and the Gate is be locked. I if you wish to visit Tukino during the summer/autumn months you can obtain a key for the gate by calling 0800-TUKINO, 0800 885 466. Please give us as much notice as possible so that we can post a key out to you. Alternatively we can make arrangements for you to pick up at key when you travel through Taupo. Over the summer months, if you wish to drive up to the Tukino Village we can lend you a key. Please phone 0800-TUKINO (0800-885 466) if you wish to borrow a key to the barrier arm.1Park / Pipe3Cat Skiing02Lifts1Whangaehu Tow02Aorangi Tow05Banana Gully Portable Tow03Cafes4Tukino Cafe0Check out our Home Page www.tukino.co.nz for special deals for the 2017 ski season. Early Bird Season Passes, Employment opportunities etc.