The Tukino Mountain Road is a 4WD alpine road rising up from 1000 metres on the Desert Road (SH1) to 1700 metres at the Tukino Alpine Village.

From time to time especially early in the season, the road may be totally impassable due to snow drifts, even to 4WD vehicles fitted with chains.

It is very important that you make yourself aware of the road status BEFORE you attempt to drive into the Tukino Alpine Village.

Up to date Road and Skifield Status Reports can be obtained from – Snow Report or the Tukino Skifield – 06 387 6294. 

If conditions aren't suitable, or if you don't wish to make the drive, our mountain transfer shuttle can meet you at the lower car park. 


All drivers traverse the road at their own risk.

By asking for or accepting any assistance, you are assuming liability for any damage that may be incurred to your vehicle, person or property. Please be aware that those providing assistance are helpful volunteers, not trained recovery professionals.  

You must always comply with any requirements e.g. fitting chains if required.

When you phone Tukino for the road status report we will advise you where the best place is to fit your chains (if required).

If the Tukino Road is listed as CLOSED, you must NOT attempt to drive up to the Tukino Alpine Village.

We reserve the right to recover all costs in providing assistance to anyone who attempts to drive up the Tukino Mountain Road when the road is listed as CLOSED

Only off-road 4WD drive vehicles will be offered assistance beyond the 2WD drive lower car park (Base Camp).

Assistance may be declined if you are not carrying (correctly fitting) chains or your vehicle is unsuitable for the road conditions.

Before you attempt the drive

Call us to check conditions, and advise your intention: 06 387 6294

Dress warmly for the conditions.
Ski gear, jackets, boots, gloves, hats and goggles are necessary for your comfort and safety.

Pack essentials into a smaller carry bag.
n case you need to abandon your vehicle, pack toiletries, valuables, medicines into a bag you can carry before you attempt the trip up the mountain. 


Start from Lower Car Park

LOWER CAR PARK for 2WD Vehicles

The lower car park is 7km in on Tukino Access Road, accessible by most vehicles along the gravel road.

This is also the pickup point for the Mountain Transfer Shuttle.

Directions from Lower Car Park to Tukino Alpine Village

4WD off-road Vehicle Access
to Alpine Village and Ski-field

Continuing from the lower car park, Tukino Access Rd is suitable for 4WD off-road vehicles only. 

If you have an Off-Road 4WD vehicle, continue up to the repeater station.

Head past Round the Mountain Track, up to the gate.

Go through the gate.

Continue along the ridge, up to the Tukino Village.

Congratulations, you have arrived!


If you don't have a 4WD vehicle, or don't wish to drive all the way up to the field, our mountain shuttle service can transport you and your family from the lower car park.

Click here for more details about our Tukino Mountain Transport Service (Shuttle).

Call when you're at Turangi, or Waiouru, to arrange pickup: +64 6 387 6294